Concrete Foundation Association Presentation

In July of 2019, Dave Pfanmiller of Concrete Housing Insight spoke at the Concrete Foundation Association’s convention in Denver, Colorado. The presentation covered environmental and economic factors that make concrete homes a smart option for many builders today.


THe case for concrete homes

Concrete Contractor magazine published a piece in the August/September 2019 issue about the need for concrete homes. Dave Pfanmiller of Concrete Housing Insight was mentioned as a leading resource for a changing market.



It does not take long in any conversation around the concrete industry for the focus to turn toward the concrete house. Invariably, someone will ask the question, “Why is it that we aren’t building houses out of concrete here in the U.S.? I mean, look at Europe – they’ve been doing it for centuries!” Making concrete homes more prevalent here in the U.S. is one of the reasons Concrete Housing Insight was formed.


The Journal of Light Construction, 2008

Thanks to their durability, reinforced concrete homes have found a niche in the custom coastal market. Here’s an article about some of our previous concrete builds.

Interior 2.JPG

Insurance Journal, 2007

Some Gulf Coast residents are preparing for future hurricane seasons by rebuilding with the help of a North Carolina company that specializes in storm-resistant homes.

Security Building Group LLC, a Sneads Ferry, N.C. company, specializes in building Atlantic Coast homes of concrete using removable, reusable aluminum forms, elevated on concrete pilings.

Lopp deck pout.JPG

Concrete Homes Magazine, 2006

It's summer and most outdoor enthusiasts who love the beach are probably stretched out soaking up some sun. Despite disappearing beachfront property, many still want to build a part of their version of paradise as close to the water as possible.

But when a buyer invests in an oceanfront home, he wants to be sure that the house will still be there after each storm passes. Coastal building technology has developed into a wind and water science, but regardless of code requirements, concrete construction has an inherent superiority over other building methods and materials.


Concrete Decor, 2004

The ancient Romans had the right idea. If you want a structure to last for centuries (think Coliseum, aqueducts), shelve the sticks. Build it out of concrete.


Concrete Facts, 2002

Topsail Island, a prized vacation and living destination on North Carolina’s Treasure Coast, will now feature a cluster of innovative homes of the future built to endure the region’s hurricane season with unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Security Building Group (SBG) has six upscale town homes under construction that will be built entirely of cutting edge cast-in-place removable form concrete construction technology. This will provide homebuyers a powerful investment opportunity that will pay lifelong dividends through uniquely rock solid construction designed to weather storms and last for generations.

Interior 1.JPG

Concrete homes council, 2001

Security Building Group, LLC, a collaboration of experienced residential builders and concrete contractors in the Triangle area, has recently completed construction of a SecureTech™ built home constructed with solid steel-reinforced concrete in the Mordecai Historic District of Raleigh.