Image: Rufty Homes, Cary, NC

Here's some concrete projects we’ve designed and built through the years.

Topsail Island, NC 6.JPG

Topsail Island, NC

The inherent strength and storm resistance of concrete homes makes it a natural solution when building in harms way.


Raleigh, NC

This prototype structure proved beyond a doubt the energy efficiency potential of concrete homes.


Interior 6.JPG

Topsail island, nc

A common misconception about building with concrete is that it limits interior design options. In fact, wide open views and vistas can be captured in concrete.


Rufty homes, cary, nc

This is a beautiful example of concrete homes being architecturally indistinguishable from conventional framing.

Interior 5.JPG

Topsail island, nc

In this build, the homeowner embraced the natural beauty of the exposed concrete floors.

Interior 1.JPG

Topsail, nc

The evolution of concrete building practices has made it possible to design and build storm-resistant homes that are warm and inviting.

Topsail Island, NC 3.jpg

Topsail island, nc

A structural concrete deck allows the homeowner to enjoy an exterior space without the worry of deterioration of traditional building materials.


Raleigh, nc

Commercial properties can also take advantage of thermal performance and structural integrity of monolithic concrete construction.