Our Mission

We are a skilled management team that helps project managers establish goals and create plans to reach those goals efficiently and on time. Concrete Housing Insight is committed to helping you assemble, train, and direct a project team, be it on behalf of a developer, realtor, owner, general contractor or concrete contractor.

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I readily absorb ideas from every source, frequently starting where the last person left off.
— Thomas A. Edison

After Katrina, I wanted a forever house. Nothing focuses your mind like seeing everything you own on the curb due to wind and flooding. The only thing left standing was a poured concrete house. That’s why I partnered with Dave. He delivered a better concrete home for me. It is wind resistant, elevated for max flood insurance discounts, stable, energy efficient, and quiet in all weather conditions. Dave built us the first Fortified for Safer Living-certified home in Mississippi.
— John Watts, Gulfport, MS

A Trusted Industry Resource



We work with the Concrete Foundations Association to identify market needs and shape our services in a way that advances the concrete housing industry.



We work with the Concrete Homes Council to identify the most frequent trends, requests and questions shaping how consumers think about building concrete homes.



Our work alongside the nation’s premier concrete home builders allows us to quickly diagnose issues and execute building plans on budget and on time.